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  • Andre Amyot


    35 years of experience as photographer

    12 years of experience as photography coach

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    PhotoCoach System

    A Series of business tools for the Professional Photographer


    • puce-jauneSet your Rates with Confidence
    • puce-jauneSell your Services according to their Value
    • puce-jaune3 modules: Marketing, Profits and Management
    • puce-jauneObtain 30 minutes of private coaching
    • puce-jaune12 month Warranty, satisfaction guaranteed or money back



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    The 7 Deadly Mistakes


    • puce-jauneTake advantage of Expert counselling
    • puce-jauneAvoid Losing Money
    • puce-jauneOptimise your Time
    • puce-jauneIncrease your chances of Success
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    The 7 Deadly Mistakes

    Free E-book offered by PhotoCoach to avoid professional photographs mistakes during their activity launch

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Welcome to PhotoCoach International

”All photographers in business want to sell their images. The important thing is to receive a proper financial return for all their creative efforts.”

Photography, It’s your passion.
You are looking for ways to guarantee not only a good profitability but also a quality of life.
"During the first 35 years of my career in photography, I saw a lot of changes. For the past 12 years, as business coach, I developed a very efficient business system to help photographers to:
1. Establish fees that give an exceptional quality of life.
2. Ensures profitability to be able develop their own creativity.
3. Learn to communicate with their customers to sell their value with greater efficiency.

The PhotoCoach System is the ideal business solution so you can totally concentrate on your passion."

Andre Amyot

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